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We are in the season where skeletons appear everywhere, in every iteration from the cute to the eerie and downright disturbing. Philadelphia based artist Caitlin McCormack delicately crochets replicas of animal remains that make us look at skeletons in a new way. Her vintage-looking works embody both the beauty and eerie qualities of skeletons, while evoking the spirit of the life they once had. On October 23rd, she will exhibit a new series of crocheted skeletons in her upcoming exhibition at Paradigm Gallery in Philadelphia. Titled "Mnemosyne", named after the Greek goddess of memory, McCormack's works explore the idea of reconstructing memories.
Hannah Stouffer is a Los Angeles based artist who describes herself as a highly curious individual. She learns by engaging with a topic and researching it obsessively. Stouffer finds her path of discovery, as well as self-discovery, to be an extremely important avenue for creativity, often achieving a meditative state while working. Her two-person show with Hilary White (recently interviewed here), titled "Ingress Egress" opens July 24th at Paradigm Gallery in Philadelphia, PA.
Multimedia artist Hilary White (covered here) creates vividly colorful sculptural works that delve into the symbolic, the altered, and the literal exploration of the "now" within the framework of time. White has an upcoming two-person exhibit with Hannah Stouffer, whom she originally found out about through social media. White found that Stouffer’s range of material and aesthetic to be something she immediately connected with, and set in motion the beginnings of what would eventually become the exhibit titled "Ingress Egress" which opens July 24th at Paradigm Gallery in Philadelphia, PA. 
Luke O’Sullivan (previously featured here) creates three dimensional art that brings the worlds of drawing and sculpture together. Inspired by dystopian science fiction films, O’Sullivan builds environments composed of peculiar buildings and subterranean lairs. Using textured façades as well as screen-printed surfaces, his latest series of works entitled “Cool Shelter" creates a fantastical scene of overworld and underworld labyrinths. The artist will present his latest series on Friday, July 24th at Paradigm Gallery in Philadelphia, PA. Hi-Fructose was invited to have a special exclusive preview into Luke O’Sullivan’s latest layered industrial landscapes.
Alex Eckman-Lawn Paradigm Gallery + Studio in Philadelphia is planning a group show that they envision as an antidote to our image-saturated culture, where we consume visual information so rapidly it all starts to become noise. "Scenic Route" will be on view March 27 through May 16 and features innovative takes on landscapes from Erin M. Riley (whose last solo show we featured recently here), Alex Eckman-Lawn, Amze Emmons, and Jason Andrew Turner.

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