The Psychedelic, Swirling Works of Luis Garcia

by Andy SmithPosted on

Luis Garcia, who uses the moniker OOGLIOO, is a San Diego-based artist who crafts psychedelic and surreal worlds with a mix of acrylics and colored pencils. As the viewer’s eyes descend down the page, surprises await as the entire essence of otherworldly beings come into focus.

As each image offers a swirling combination of matter and energy, his biography helps to define the elements contained within: “[Garcia’s] work explores notions perceived by the self and the forever changing abstraction of reality. He focuses on pushing an experimental original style with inspirations coming from interactions between individuals, frequencies and their effects on the brain, Philosophy, Space, Dreams, Psychedelia, and Anime.”

Pieces like “Liquid Burst,” above, seem barely containable, with its morphing being breaking through the piece’s transdimensional epicenter. With “Obligatory Separation,” the limbs and head of the creature are headed in disparate directions, yet the subject’s eyes still creepily focus on the viewer.

The artist’s sketches, which are graphite works on paper, offer a similar aesthetic and surreal quality, though are decidedly more meditative in their focus on Garcia’s creatures. Works like “Lust” are more subtle in both their magnetism and the uneasiness each inspires.

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