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Sculptor Alex Chinneck has a string of major projects as part of Milan Design Week, including this massive intervention that the artist calls “the most ambitious work I’ve ever made.” His other work, whether "unzipping" a concrete floor or a factory wall, carry this motif. (Photography of his Milan Design Week work by Marc Wilmot.)
The interventions of Vermibus utilize solvents and brushes to transform advertisements, deconstructing beauty standards and consumers. The Spanish artist's process is akin to painting, yet reveals something more human in taking away the flesh of subjects. The artist's "Unveiling Beauty" and “In Absentia” series, in particular, reintroduce these creations in public spaces across the world.
In Alex Chinneck’s recent work, the sculptor bends and warps otherwise stubborn objects to his will. "Growing up gets me down" is a working oak grandfather clock "knotted" by Chinneck. "Birth, death and a midlife crisis" was an indoor sculpture that "tied a 450-year-old column in the German museum of Kirchheim Unter Teck." The artist was last featured on here.

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