The New Sculptural Interventions of Alex Chinneck

by Andy SmithPosted on

Sculptor Alex Chinneck has a string of major projects as part of Milan Design Week, including this massive intervention that the artist calls “the most ambitious work I’ve ever made.” His other work, whether “unzipping” a concrete floor or a factory wall, carry this motif. (Photography of his Milan Design Week work by Marc Wilmot.)

In an interview with SculptureVox, Chinneck explained why he now works with structural engineers and architectural consultants: “They make it safe but they also navigate many of the logistical and administrational obstacles that these kind of ambitious ideas present. And it’s very difficult because we’re doing things that have never been done before, which is of course the point. There’s no template: there’s learning on the job. It really requires my ‘go to’ team of engineers and consultants. They are able to balance out the creative drive to produce these things with necessary levels of professionalism.” See more recent work below.

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