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Gregory Thielker creates paintings which combine realism and aspects of abstraction by obscuring the views of his surroundings. After studying Art History at Williams College in Massachusetts and getting his MFA in Painting at Washington University in St. Louis, he embarked on cross-country road trips and working outdoors. This is when he began his series “Under the unminding sky”, which captures his trip’s sights through the perspective of a rainy car windshield. Intrigued by the way rain accented and veiled the scenery in front of him, it became the model for his paintings, transforming the driver’s environments in a realistic way.

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Missouri based artist Adrian Cox’s fleshy “borderlands” and their inhabitants may look off-putting and weird, but there is also natural beauty to be found in this imaginary world. His oil paintings, works on paper, and sculptures are all treated with the soft touch of 19th century Romantic landscape painting. Previously covered here, Cox’s human-like subjects called the “Border Creatures” have been compared to David Lynch’s Elephant Man; abstract lumps of skin and muscle with vague features. His latest series introduces new characters, “gardeners,” the caretakers of glowing mounds of birds, bugs and snakes.