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The mysterious portraits of Belgian painter Eddy Stevens are filled with stirring symbols that invite the viewer to unpack their meanings. Though his work has a certain timeless quality that recalls 16th- and 17th-century painters, his work is also filled with contemporary flourishes and progressive approaches to the craft.

Adrian Cox

A new group show at Modern Eden Gallery offers three varying approaches to magical realism, with artists Adrian Cox, Kindra Nikole, and Michael Campbell. Cox was recently featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 47, and Campbell is part of the upcoming “The Art of the Mushroom” group show (Oct. 20-Dec. 9) at The Compound Gallery, presented by Hi-Fructose. “Origin” kicks off at Modern Eden on Aug. 18.
Seattle based artist Casey Weldon, first featured in HF Vol. 32, paints colorful and glowing works with nostalgic pop references and a touch of humor. In recent years, his paintings have become increasingly mystical, taking otherwise everyday places and animals and giving them a luminous, candy-colored twist. For his current exhibition at Roq la Rue gallery in Seattle, "Hastemaker", Weldon builds upon his vibrantly colored, dreamlike world. It goes far beyond his "cute-gross" style, as he describes it.
New York based illustrator Chris Buzelli paints character-driven images with a marvelous sense of realism. Working primarily in oil, Buzelli renders different concepts that are based on the real world with a common acceptance of magic. Often, his subjects seem to enter a supernatural realm, as if caught between two realities in a dreamlike state. Inspired by literature, particularly his commissions for book reviews, Buzelli's work makes references to fables and myths, featuring hybrid creatures and impossible scenes from the likes of Little Red Riding Hood and Finnish writer Jean Sibelius's The Swan of Tuonela.

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