The Colored Pencil Drawings of Uli Knörzer

by Andy SmithPosted on

Uli Knörzer’s gorgeous colored pencil portraits are rich with detail and humanity. The artist moves between familiar and lesser known subjects in his work. Each is given his or her own space, Knörzer using negative space and abstracting garments to extract the figure’s personality.

“(He) studied visual communication in Offenbach and Paris prior to moving to Berlin to begin his illustration career,” Illustration Division says. “A sought-after portraitist, Uli gives life to his subjects, capturing their nuanced, fleeting emotions with his deft pencil work. His illustrations quietly celebrate the beauty of transient moments of everyday life. He is a frequent contributor to De Zeit and has a history of collaborations with Vice, WSJ, Esquire, and Travel + Leisure.”

See more on the artist’s site.

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