Coarse Debuts ‘States of Matter’ Sculptures

by Andy SmithPosted on

Artistic duo Coarse’s recent, entrancing sculpture “States of Matter” comes in two editions of the character Noop: “Trance” and “Cosmos.” The former is a lighthearted, jaunting visit to the beach, while the later takes on a more ominous narrative as Noop moves through water. The pair’s sculptures, entrancing in both details and unexpected narratives, take on a markedly seasonal tone with this release.

“States of Matter seems to balance impossibly, as if noop is actually floating in his swim ring. A translucent blue water line with smooth ripples separates the world of solids from the world of liquids so that we can witness the same matter enter and depart his body in different states. noop’s effortless sense of grace has a soothing effect even as the clam’s menacing tongue tastes his foot and the squid’s tentacles wrap tighter around him.”

See more of Coarse’s recent work below.

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