The Oil Paintings of Justin Fitzpatrick

by Andy SmithPosted on

Justin Fitzpatrick’s oil paintings blend influences from Art Nouveau, illuminated manuscripts from the Middle Ages, anatomical drawings, and elsewhere. The actual subjects in the works likewise move through time, from using the construction workers as visual motif to creatures of the natural world rendered with Victorian flavor.

“In Justin FItzpatrick’s work, the act of painting is a way to explore the idea of conceptual metaphors; metaphors that structure our world view and perspective,” the gallery Sultana says. “Painting, in an improvisational mode, can turn the process of metaphor into a visual performance or an evidence, a constant sliding across the surface of a subject, it can enact the semantic jumps the mind makes when likening one thing to another and it provides an evidence of this fundamental activity.”

See more on Sultana’s site.

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