Giovanni Forlino’s Surreal Characters and Scenes

by Andy SmithPosted on

Giovanni Forlino’s vibrant paintings and drawings move between dreamlike scenes, grotesque characters, and wild creatures of the natural world. His surreal, monstrous subjects, in particular, fill the space as if they are on the cusp of breaking out of it.

“As Max Gimblett’s studio manager for the past ten years, Giovanni has immersed himself in traditional and modern Zen painting,” says a statement on his site. “In his own practice Giovanni has moved from ink drawings to fully realized paintings depicting lush colorful scenes of birds, plants and other natural forms. Giovanni has collaborated with many distinguished poets and painters such as John Yau, Lewis Hyde, Alan Loney, Matt Jones and Max Gimblett. Giovanni’s work has made its way into numerous private and public collections worldwide, including the Getty Museum and the Guggenheim.”

See more of the artist’s recent work below.

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