The Oil Paintings of Alessandro Fogo

by Andy SmithPosted on

Alessandro Fogo’s oil paintings reach back through time, taking a deep inspiration from history with stirring results. There’s a sense of ritual in many of the Italian artist’s recent work, with connections so numerous that the end result is a broader look at our human history.

“The investigation of painting’s evocative power is the central core of my research,” the artist says, as translated. “I feed myself with images, representations and whatever artifacts are able to survive to the owing of time leaving a sediment in reality as a relique of a past never passed. My interest has an archeologist nature, that leads me to discover and collect these traces, coming from different ancient civilizations, based on an easy and single criterion or condition: Being trace and/or direct consequence of the timeless attempt of human beings to communicate with a higher reality, an oniric world of myths and faiths, beliefs and religions, as natural and necessary manifestation of his own nature.”

See more of Fogo’s work below.

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