Diana Al-Hadid’s Work Haunts Indoor, Outdoor Spaces in Nashville

by Andy SmithPosted on

Diana Al-Hadid’s ghostly sculptures, which take influence from historical architecture, mythology, and beyond, are currently inhabiting both a gallery at Frist Art Museum and outdoor gardens at Cheekwood in concurrent exhibitions in Nashville. “Subliminations” collects varying types of work from the artist, with both figurative sculpture and wall reliefs. Above and below interior photos are by John Schweikert.

“nfluenced by a wide range of sources, including art, history, and literature of both Western and Eastern traditions, Islamic calligraphy, ancient architecture, and cartography, Al-Hadid creates impressionistic meditations on ruination and renewal,” the museum says. “Many of Al-Hadid’s sculptures appear suspended in a state of construction or collapse.”

Find Al-Hadid on the web here, and read more about her exhibitions on Frist Art Museum’s site. See more of Al-Hadid’s work outside of these exhibitions below.

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