Sebastian Martorana’s Sculptures Forged in Reclaimed Marble

by Andy SmithPosted on

Sebastian Martorana uses salvaged marble to craft seemingly soft objects and characters. Works like “Homeland Security Blanket” and “Permanent Separation Anxiety” (above) show how the artist is able to use the dissonance between the object and the material to comment on contemporary issues. Whether it’s towels, teddy bears, or costumed characters, the artist’s mastery of the material creates a deceptive output of creations.

A statement offers a peek into his robust practice: “His current studio is part of the stone shop at Hilgartner Natural Stone Company in downtown Baltimore where he undertakes and directs commissioned stone carving, restoration and design, as well as his own sculptural works,” a bio says. “Many of his works involve incorporating salvaged marble architectural elements from the city and their re-incorporation into individual and site-specific sculptures.”

See more of the artist’s below.

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