Jo Cope’s Hybrid Installations Look Forward in Fashion

by Andy SmithPosted on

Jo Cope, a conceptual fashion designer, mixes fine art and fashion. The artist intends to create pieces that are “hybrid installations that are perhaps only possible in a gallery but that nonetheless create a wearable garment and suggest alternative futures for fashion design.” Due to this blending of fields, her work has appeared in design stores, boutiques, and galleries across the world.

The aforementioned aim in hybrid installations is evident in series like “The Language of Feet in the Walk of Life.” The piece “Walking in Circles” shows her designs in the various stages of walking. “Walking for me is a mesmerizing act and one that can hold much symbolism in life with reference to the journey and relationship with the self,” the artist says. The artist’s meticulous process ensured that each of the forms could be worn as easily as actual shoes.

Cope originally studied fashion design, before busting out of the field with a wider-ranging approach. The artist also uses video as a medium for her expressions, with both pragmatic in-process and conceptual approaches. Below, check out her video for “Adam’s Rib,” showing her tendency toward a Biblical influence in her works.

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