Carles G.O’D.’s Provocative Work at Center of Show in Italy

by Andy SmithPosted on

Known for his lush and provocative illustrations and comics, Spanish artist Carles G.O’D. is the center of a major show at Tabularasa Tekè Gallery in Italy next month. “Closer to Heaven” kicks off on June 14 in the space and runs through Aug. 3. The massive trove of works on display include original drawings, comic pages, prints from his major projects, and more.

“In the works of G.O’D the observer is kidnapped by the strong graphic ability to freely, rawly, without filters, represent the social and moral problems that afflict modern civilization by using characters and situations that are grotesque and almost unbelievable,” the gallery says. “The spectator is forced to immerse himself in infinite microworlds, made up of dozens of levels, situations, characters. An overcrowded illustrative universe that fully reflects the type of society we are experiencing and in which the spirit of the Spanish artist was formed, where everything is being simplified to allow people to be bombarded with even more stimuli and informations. Dialogue almost no longer exists and it is expressed only by short messages or icons, you must be rapid, immediate, always present, everywhere.”

See more of his works below.

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