Preview: “Portraits of Strangers, Someones & Nobodies” at 111 Minna Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Hannah Yata

Fictional, historical, and anonymous figures are all fair game in 111 Minna’s upcoming group show, “Portraits of Strangers, Someones & Nobodies.” The gallery invited a diverse crop of artists to paint existing cultural icons or invent their own for an exhibition that pays homage to the timeworn art of portraiture.

Of course, the show isn’t all standard studio fare. Hanna Yata, for example, painted a colorful portrait of a mystical alien creature surrounded by butterflies; Mike Davis’s painting features a human-faced sheep in a 16th-century European village. Mike Shine, Jonathan Wayshak, Jaxon Northon, Adam Caldwell, Lee Harvey Roswell, Michael Reedy, and Sam Grant are among the many artists in the show. Check out our preview before “Portraits of Strangers, Someones & Nobodies” opens on February 6.

Adam Caldwell

Michael Reedy

Calvin Lai

Brianna Angelakis

Jaxon Northon

Mike Davis

Sam Grant

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