The Massive Linocut Prints of Raj Bunnag

by Andy SmithPosted on

Raj Bunnag‘s massive linocut prints teem with monsters, overwhelming details, and contemporary reflections. The Durham, N.C.-based artist, in particular, has explored drug culture in these scenes, using mythical and mystical creatures at war to reflect on our relationship to drug culture from all angles, including over-criminalization.

“As an artist, I feel I am obligated to use my skills to engage people with my work and drive them to think about the current state of the world,” the artist has said. “My ongoing series, March of the Druggernaughts: Fantastical Manifestations of the War on Drugs, is a body of work about failures, fallacies, and players in the war on drugs. Using drug pop culture and graphic imagery of violence and terror, I create scenes of chaos and destruction to draw viewers in and have them make sense of the madness I have laid out on the paper.”

The artist shares some of his process below.

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