Roman Klonek’s Cartoonish, Folk-Pop Woodcut Prints

by Andy SmithPosted on

Roman Klonek, based in Düsseldorf, Germany, combines the styles of classic cartoons and pop advertisements with the medium of woodcut printing. For the past 15 years, the Poland-born artist has constructed pieces made with knives, chisels, and wood, even if his creations have the precision of other methods. These works ape propaganda, construct original monsters, and recall vintage design.

Take “Bold cuts of whim and fashion,” above, a striking example of Klonek’s output. The process is known as “lost cut” wood printing, in which all colors are printed with a single plate. “At first I cut out all the spots that should remain white,” the artist told WOW x WOW. “Then I make a print in the first color. Now I cut out all the spots that should remain in the first color, and so on. In the end the plate is ‘lost’. A retake is not possible anymore.”

Klonek currently has two solo exhibits running, “Shining Woods” at galerie t (through July 22) in Düsseldorf and “It All Happens Here” at (through August 20) in Wiesbaden. His cartoony style has naturally translated to animation, too, collaborating with Laika and RPA Advertising for a Soy Joy spot and a music video for the indie pop act Music AM. Find him on Instagram here.

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