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Painter Allison Zuckerman’s work pulls from the past and digital present of art history to craft amalgamated depictions of women. She first designs her works digitally, then prints them on the canvas before applying paint to the creation. This year has brought multiple museum exhibitions for the artist, including stints at Akron Art Museum and Herziliya Museum and the University of Florida.
Chris Reccardi, fine artist, designer, animation director, character designer, and musician, has passed away at the age of 54 yesterday. Among many other properties and series, he was highly regarded for his work on The Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, Tiny Toon Adventures, and The Ren & Stimpy Show. For the later, he famously composed the anthemic "Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.”
Karol Pomykała is known for his stirring, monochromatic linocuts, creating massive and provocative meditations. Recent, the artist has combined this approach with virtual reality, allowing gallery- and museum-goers the opportunity to enter his figure-filled scapes.
Tony Oursler's recent projection project brought ghostly scenes to New York's Riverside Park South. Oursler, a pioneer in video art since the 1980s, worked with the Public Art Fund to executive the massive multimedia affair. Work was projected onto the West 69th Street Transfer Bridge gantry, the Hudson River, and the surrounding area.
Saya Woolfalk, a Japan-born, New York-based artist explores alternate realities with ongoing projects and bodies of work. With her sci-fi-influenced, fictional group of women, known as the Empathics, she rethinks hybridity, race, sex, and scientific understanding. The Empathics are conveyed in vibrant colors and otherworldly costumes and backdrops, and the characters have the power to meld themselves with plants and can change their genetic make-up. She uses several means to relay these ideas, from video and installation to painting and sculpture.
Manila, Phillipines based artist Dex Fernandez creates works that range from street art murals, animation, painting and drawing to photography. Using a variety of media, his ongoing series of eclectic collage portraits combines almost all of his interests. Fernandez's inspirations are equally diverse. His series juxtaposes good and evil, beauty and ugliness by mixing pop art, religious iconography, and vintage images from posters and magazines that he finds in thrift shops.

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