The Stained Glass Portraits of Erlend Tait

by Andy SmithPosted on

There’s a magical quality in the stained glass work of Erlend Tait, a Scottish artist who offers both a contemporary slant to the form and observes its traditions. He packs these works with the symbolism and vibrancy that recall ancient craftsman, yet his figures are representative of the modern, diverse populous.

“From an early age he has been fascinated by the mythology and folklore of the Highlands and Islands,” a statement says. “Many of these tales relate to anthropomorphic deities within the environment and as a result much of his work combines portraiture with pattern and symbolism. These symbols are inspired by surroundings and obsessions and allude to themes of ideology and transcendence.”

The artist works in a variety of media, including painting and drawing. Yet, in some of his work in those forms, a quality taken from his glasswork comes through.

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