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Tag: Stefan Glerum

Amsterdam-based artist Stefan Glerum creates retrofuturistic illustrations, in a distinctively clear yet vibrant style. At times, these worlds appear closer to our own than we would want them to, depicting obsessions with technology and a desperation that recalls the speculative sci-fi of yesterday. This style lends itself to the artist’s commercial work, in which the artist’s work is distinguished in its off-kilter take on a variety of topics.
Dutch artist Stefan Glerum has an illustration style that lends perfectly to stained glass, his latest venture. In his traditional artwork, we can see the influence of Art Deco and Japanese woodblock prints, with figures drawn in bold lines against vibrantly colored backgrounds with unusual angles of view. His simple and flat way of drawing is also reminiscent of Bauhaus, Italian Futurism and Russian Constructivism, which he credits as his inspiration. Glerum most recently applied his design sensibility to the Polderweg in Amsterdam, a housing complex of 72 apartments and impressive 60 foot cathedral-high stained glass windows.

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