Victor Solomon Turns Basketball Backboards into Works of Art

by Clara MoraesPosted on

Working with stained glass is not something that one can do without practice. After a year of apprenticing under veteran glass masters, San Francisco based artist Victor Solomon got to master this delicate craft himself. He has always been a big basketball fan, so it felt only natural that he turn his skills onto basketball backboards, which he transforms into works of art. Each backboard in his series titled “Literally Balling” is ornamented with luxurious materials and gems, including the net and rim. They are not meant to be used in any basketball game- their delicate materials take away the backboards’ original function. Solomon sees stained glass as an expensive material that was originally used in religious institutions, but has since become a symbol of status and power. These pieces are his interpretation of the powerful celebrity culture that is cultivated by the sports industry. Next, he will be at the Scope Art Fair in Miami with Joseph Gross Gallery, after which he will exhibit in his first solo exhibition with the gallery on Feb 25th, 2016.

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