Pinkie Maclure’s Stained Glass Work Explores Contemporary Issues

by Andy SmithPosted on

Self-taught Scottish artist Pinkie Maclure crafts stained glass works tackling contemporary themes while acknowledging the form’s history. The artist recently won the Zealous Emerge Craft Prize for her work, described as reinventing “a medieval art form to question the modern world, through darkly humorous stories and wryly observed imagery.”

The recent piece “Beauty Tricks” (above) takes a look at the beauty industry and is currently exhibited at the National Museum of Scotland. From the artist’s description: “A madonna with a halo of syringes and scalpels, a ‘guardian angel’ grandmother knitting a web of Barbie dolls, a bulimic Rapunzel, a woman shooting a mirror to bits and the devil running off with all the wisdom. Stand close and you’ll see your own reflection in the mirror fragments.”

See more of Maclure’s work below.

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