Daniel Popper’s Massive Public Art Installations

by Andy SmithPosted on

While sand art is a typical beachside art attraction, Daniel Popper crafts towering, shamanistic sculptures that appear to grow out of the earth. The artist’s sensibility calls back to both centuries-old traditions, contemporaries such as Ray Villafane, and his own, complex figurative style, comprised of thousands of pieces. The Cape Town native also specializes in puppetry, stage design, and other forms, which appear to play into his enormous public art installations. The top piece, “Ven a la Luz,” was created over a month for the Art With Me festival in Tulum, Mexico.

Popper’s work has also turned up in other terrain. A piece for the Electric Forest Festival looms in a heavily wooded area above. And as shown below, the artist’s work has also occupied urban fairs.

See more of his work below.

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