The Figurative Sculptures of Frode Bolhuis

by Andy SmithPosted on

The solitary figurative sculptures of Frode Bolhuis are untethered to any one specific culture or frame of mind, existing at the convergence of generations and experiences. His use of textiles brings a more visceral connections to each of the subjects, and the vibrancy within each extends past the artist’s chosen hues.

“I love to venture into the unknown,” the artist says. “Looking for new ways to portray life. I specifically look for things that are somehow magically playful. Often I take the misty memories of people, places or things as a starting point and then I intuitively alter them, change them into something that is new for me. In my studio I like to surround myself with a great variety of materials that I can just pick up when they feel useful. Lately my main materials are polymer clay, textiles and acrylic paint. They give me the possibility to work direct and flexible. But they are often enriched by woods, paper and metals like, bronze and gold.”

Find more from the artist on his site.

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