Hirofumi Fujiwara’s ‘Utopian’ Sculptures

by Andy SmithPosted on

Hirofumi Fujiwara’s isolated sculptures are called Utopians, each person actually an amalgamation of features and cultures. Many of these characters, said to be from a parallel world, are presented inside of barriers as they “bear witness.”

“His human sculptures, modelled from clay and plastic, stand, sit or lie in the exhibition space, reposing, transparent walls are surrounding their fragile bodies,” Galerie Burster says of the artist. “Fujiwara’s Utopians bear witness to a romantic longing for the unreachable, with a contemplative view towards the indefinite. Oscillating between the two worlds, Fujiwara’s sculptures bear references from the Japanese as well as the European Western culture. They seem youthful and yet ageless, androgynous and detached from all stereotypes – isolated from this world, yet resting in the very moment, anchored in pure just-being.”

See more on the sculptor’s site.

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