Sculptures by Salvador Jiménez-Flores Explore Identity, Colonialism

by Andy SmithPosted on

Mexico-born artist Salvador Jiménez-Flores uses several approaches to delve into identity and the convergence of cultures. A recent project in particular, titled “The Resistance of the Hybrid Cacti,” uses ceramics to look at these concepts and more. The artist says that “through art, I seek to resist the labels put upon me and other people of color by reimagining what an alternative future could look like.”

“‘The Resistance of the Hybrid Cacti’ is an exploration of the themes of colonialism, migration, identity and futurism,” a statement says. “The cacti is a resilient plant that can survive extreme weather conditions metaphorically I see this succulents as the hope for our future. My latest research is about developing a Rascuache-Futuristic aesthetics in my work.”

Past installations, sculptures, drawings, and other projects have reflected both the artist’s own experience and a broader look at our past and future. See more of his work below.

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