Rook Floro’s Visceral, Mixed-Media Experiences

by Andy SmithPosted on

Bangkok-born artist Rook Floro mixes installation, sculpture, performance art, and other approaches for a singular, visceral experience. A statement says that he “draws from contention in his own life, which he likes to visualize in different series of artwork.” Recently, his “Blastard” experiences express a particularly vibrant and personal version of the artist.

“The show envisions the story arc of ‘Blastard,’ the most recent alter ego of the artist,” a statement says. “He was confronting his lust and hoping to contain it. Detached from his surroundings, he’s been trying to realign his fantasy with reality by liberation of self. Solitude may be the answer he seeks. Without realizing, he’s slowly shifting into another alter ego, ‘Corvus.’ The artist is trying to capture the space in between two alter egos.”

See more of his sculptures below.

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