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David Henry Brown Jr. has garnered attention in recent years for “Resemblage” selfies as “David Henry Nobody Jr.,” blending collage and sculpture with his face as a canvas. He was featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 43, and since then, these works have evolved and become more and more elaborate. Recent video versions of this series reflect this in the most visceral sense.

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David Henry Nobody Jr. has been called the “bad boy” of Interventionist performance art, a visual artist who has earned a celebrity following for his works in diverse mediums, including installations and works with fabric and fashion. Since starting his career in the 1990s, David has inserted himself into social communities to produce his work, creating a bridge between art and life. The Brooklyn, New York based artist has recently taken his work to the social community of Instagram, a series of bizarre visual-collage selfies titled “Resemblagè”.