Andy Kehoe’s Fantastical, New Mixed-Media Paintings

by Andy SmithPosted on

Andy Kehoe crafts fantastical mixed-media paintings often featuring strange, antlered creatures that move through forests. There’s an unexpected depth to Kehoe’s paintings due to his process of painting on top of layers of poured resins. Kehoe uses “sculpted elements made of polymer clay into his works, submerging the forms beneath the strata of pigmented layers.” The artist has a new show at Thinkspace Gallery titled “Prismatic.”

A statement describes his intricate process: “His unique technique, a method of combining resin with oil paint and building surfaces through multilayered pours, bridges the sculptural with the planar through a dimensional, albeit undetectable build-up of materials,” a statement says. “Though an intrinsic aspect of the work, the glassy optical effect, and three-dimensional depth are by-products of materiality and process rather than an end point in and of itself. Kehoe’s playful hinterland offers a window onto an unchartered multiverse where an overwhelming sense of the immeasurable reigns.”

Kehoe’s “Prismatic” at Thinkspace Gallery runs through Oct. 21. See more works from this show below.

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