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Andy Kehoe crafts fantastical mixed-media paintings often featuring strange, antlered creatures that move through forests. There’s an unexpected depth to Kehoe’s paintings due to his process of painting on top of layers of poured resins. Kehoe uses “sculpted elements made of polymer clay into his works, submerging the forms beneath the strata of pigmented layers.” The artist has a new show at Thinkspace Gallery titled “Prismatic.”

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Whereas his past work brought viewers in close, like a whisper, Andy Kehoe’s newest series of mixed-media paintings is more like a cry from a mountain top. Kehoe explores the broad terrain of the mystical forests we’ve visited before, opening a new chapter in the vignettes he has been weaving through his past solo shows in recent years. He creates depth by alternating layers of paint with resin, giving his paintings a shadow-box effect. His latest body of work — premiering this Thursday, June 5, at Roq La Rue in Seattle for his solo show “Inner Mystic” — marks a turning point in his aesthetic.