Roq La Rue Gallery Marks 21 Years in Group Show

by Andy SmithPosted on

Chris Berens

Twenty-one years ago, Roq La Rue Gallery opened its doors in Seattle, and a new group show at the space, “Ace Of Spades, Queen Of Diamonds” offers a window into that history. The line-up is considerable, and owner Kristen Anderson says it’s “by no means comprehensive, given how many artists we’ve exhibited over the years, but it still represents a nice little microcosm.” The show runs through Sept. 6 at the gallery.

Peter Ferguson

Camille Rose Garcia

D. Allan Drummond

Travis Louie

Marion Peck

Lola Gil

“When the gallery opened we were a scrappy little punk gallery,” she tells us. “We showed a lot of work from the underground comics scene as well as the provocative Lowbrow movement, and a lot of things influenced by both the kitsch counter culture scenes as well as outsider art forms. Over the years we’ve really embraced more of the Pop Surrealism/ New Contemporary scene…I think the work is less transgressive and shocking but it taps more into a universal archetypal view. And we are really into more eco-conscious themes as well that seem to be a pretty big cultural zeitgeist. We still focus on works that are technically excellently executed with a vision that embraces the outre. I’m always looking for work that excites my sensibilities.”

See more on the gallery’s site.

John Brophy

Jean Labourdette

Isabel Samaras

Glenn Barr

Electric Coffin

Debra Baxter

Brian Despain

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