Noah Harris, Andy Biddle Create Stop-Motion ‘Salvation’ From Only Found Objects

by Andy SmithPosted on

Noah Harris and Andy Biddle are the duo behind “Salvation,” a stop-motion film made entirely with found objects that tells the story of the creation of Earth, the evolution of mankind, and the impending end. All of these narratives are told using items found in flea markets and other thrifting spots, with all motion done in-camera.

“This surreal sequence of interconnecting films tells the epic story of evolution playfully through the detritus of mankind,” Blinkink says. “The birth of a planet in ELEMENT, the growth of the human race in SENTIENCE, and its descent towards the inevitable in OBLIVION, are all created from a multitude of found objects salvaged from car-boot sales and flea markets around london. Animated entirely in camera, the films are a showcase of Noah’s unwavering attention to detail and love of physical objects.”

Biddle told Motionographer about the challenge of not using digital means to animate the film: “When the objects morph, there is no digital trickery, it’s all in camera so when you are trying to morph from a golden branch decorated with white porcelain flowers to a golden peacock you need to find objects that can fit in-between to ease that transformation.”

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