New Stop-Motion Film Based on Art of Greg ‘Carola’ Simkins

by Andy SmithPosted on

A new stop-motion short film takes influence from the work of Hi-Fructose Vol. 41 cover artist Greg “Craola” Simkins. The 5-minute “I’m Scared,” directed by Pete Levin, is a whimsical, yet gripping children’s tale put into motion. The C4toons Entertainment short’s models adapt the exaggerated style and content created by the Los Angeles-based artist into the narrative’s characters.

From the story’s official synopsis: “Eight-year-old insomniac Ralf warns his little brother Crumbs of all of the dangers that lurk in the shadows, waiting to devour the two of them.” Gunnar Sizemore stars as Ralf, with a score by Mark Hoppus and James Ingram. The ending tune, “Worried One,” comes from Nontourage, a duo consisting of MF Grimm and Rob Faucette.

Check out a another video here, in which Simkins created Vol. 41’s cover. Before embarking on a career as a full-time artist in 2005, Simkins worked as an illustrator brands in clothing and other products. He also had a hand in video games, from “Tony Hawk 2X” to “Spider-Man 2” and “Ultimate Spider-Man.” Among his early influences, Simkins cites cartoons, animals, stories, tattoos and “mind-numbing trips to grandma’s house.”

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