Francisco Pereira’s Surreal Bronze Sculptures

by Andy SmithPosted on

Francisco Pereira crafts strange creatures and vessels in bronze, extracting and blending familiar elements for something new entirely. In his world, animals that typically walk on all fours are bipeds, and their new, long legs give them an alien appearance. The Venezuelan sculptor works in scales vary greatly between works that tower over or are dwarfed by viewers.

“All work of art results from a creative process; nothing happens randomly and no piece of art is merely a gift of the muses,” Pereira said, in one statement. “The path to mature an idea is a long one, inspired and backed by a depth of readings, sketches, work, life and soul experiences, all which nurture the unconscious’ flowerings.”

A bio adds that Pereira publicly being known as a sculptor is a recent occurrence, as he ” graduated as an architect from the Venezuelan Central University and been developing his plastic work silently since 1983.”

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