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Photo: Ka-Man Tse for Times Square Arts Kehinde Wiley recently offered his first public work with the unveiling of "Rumors of War," a bronze sculpture first shown at Times Square in New York City. The piece was commissioned by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and will eventually be installed there. The work, with its contemporary African-American subject, stands in contrast to the Confederate statues that still populate the state that will serve as its permanent home. Wiley was our cover artist for Hi-Fructose Vol. 36.
Zachary Eastwood-Bloom takes the idea of adding digital-like glitches to traditional sculptures to a visceral level. He created most of these sculptures while he was sculptor-in-residence at Pangolin London. He uses both digital and analogue means to craft the final product, unifying several disciplines for a startling end result.
Francisco Pereira crafts strange creatures and vessels in bronze, extracting and blending familiar elements for something new entirely. In his world, animals that typically walk on all fours are bipeds, and their new, long legs give them an alien appearance. The Venezuelan sculptor works in scales vary greatly between works that tower over or are dwarfed by viewers.

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