Christopher Konecki’s Surreal Urban Explorations

by Andy SmithPosted on

Christopher Konecki’s vibrant paintings, sculptures, and murals distort and create surreal artifacts out of urban landscapes. This vibrant, yet somewhat bleak observations recall work from Jeff Gillette and Masakatsu Sashie. (Also, Josh Keyes, who was recently featured here on the blog, carried similar visual themes in his own early work.)

“Konecki’s work is explorative of social consciousness, generally irreverent, and focused on subjects that are both serious and absurd,” the artist says, in a statement (while humorously acknowledging that he’s writing in third person. “His use of found and ‘repurposed’ objects in his work advocates the reassessment of typical ideals of function and beauty. Elements of nature often collide with harsh urban landscapes and elements of street art and graffiti, symbolizing the ongoing struggle between the harmonious coexistence of these two competing monumental forces.”

The artist says he’s self-taught and continues to experiment in creating new work. Recent work has taken him to Los Angeles, Detroit, Toronto, and beyond.

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