Tomohiro Inaba’s Ghostly, Disappearing Sculptures

by Andy SmithPosted on

Japanese artist Tomohiro Inaba creates sculptures that appear to disintegrate into the air. His steel wire animals and human figures appear as apparitions in the galleries they inhabit across the world. For Inaba, the imagined space created by his works are a vital component.

“I would like my creations to be ‘the sculptures that keep engaging with the viewers through their imagination,’” Inaba says, in a past statement. “This is because I consider one of the ways of art is to be instrumental in bringing the viewers ‘a fruitful time’ to fantasize about something that eyes cannot see. For this reason I always pursue figures that inspires people’s imagination. I leave ‘blanks’ in my works in order to create sculptures that engage with the viewers through their imagination. In addition, by capturing the moment of one figure transforming into another, the art works start to tell us stories that evoke the flux of time.”

His pieces have incorporated other materials, both household and industrial. Depending on the work, the woven pieces can appear as both digital or geometric or erratic scribbles.

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