Mathieu Connery’s Mindbending Ground Paintings

by Andy SmithPosted on

Mathieu Connery, the alias of Frederic Chabot, creates ground paintings across Canada that uses geometric forms and the natural textures of the space to create illusions. This vibrant works began as a project at the Montréal MURAL Festival on Boulevard Saint-Laurent. Connery’s been creating murals on walls for years, but has just recently become known specifically for his talents displayed on sidewalks, streets, and other walkable surfaces.

“All his works stem from a desire to integrate the work of painting to the environment in many different and extreme ways,” a statement says. “Either through the appropriation of the place or through its modification. His practice also includes production of canvas related to the theme of integration and appropriation. He likes to paint on wooden supports in the street, making shape canvas suggesting integration with the environment.”

The artist calls this series “Incrustations Urbaines.” He says his “style is abstract but is confronted with a radical figuration, by the optical illusion that transforms abstract shapes into 3D representations.”

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