The Startling Murals and Drawings of Caratoes

by Andy SmithPosted on

There’s both an elegance and jarring quality in the otherworldly creations of Caratoes. The artist shares these disfigured characters in both murals and gallery works, moving between monochromatic and vibrant hues. The artist had a recent installation at Superchief Gallery’s Miami location during Miami Art Week.

“In her [murals], she would envision her character living and interacting with the environment they are painted in, a statement says. “In her more contemporary pieces she would share a story of one of her obsessions and passions. Showing the beautiful and ugly parts of it with the viewer. She aims to create environments that breathes a certain atmosphere or feeling that can spark a story to the viewer. Mix and matching techniques and things she learned from different fields together.”

See more of her work below.

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