Toshihiko Mitsuya’s Aluminum Foil Habitats Continue to Evolve

by Andy SmithPosted on

Toshihiko Mitsuya’s aluminum foil and metal creations range from the mythical to the natural. More recent work reflects nature’s flora and fauna, creating entire gardens and forest habitats in staggering, delicate detail. When paired alongside actual plantlife, the effect is both maintained and amplified.

One gallery has commented on the roots of the artist’s efforts: “The motifs of each work is based on the mixture of various countries’ cultures in this highly-networked information society.” Galerie Tore Suessbier says, about the artist. “Mitsuya’s practice is an investigation into material potentials of aluminium foil. Having collaborated with architects testing its durability in various forms of construction, Mitsuya created a life-size equestrian statue made of aluminium foil.”

The artist also creates flat works, which are “composed of reflections from boards of scratched stainless steel, which can be said to stand between a sculpture and a painting.” Mitsuya is a graduate of Seian University of Art and Design and is a recipient of the Okamoto Taro Award.

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