Jason Hackenwerth’s Inflatable, Vibrant Creatures

by Andy SmithPosted on

Jason Hackenwerth’s enormous, inflatable sculptures emulate organic forms, writhing and towering over passers-by on streets across the globe. His “Animal Soul” series, in particular, features vibrant creatures created from latex balloons. He recently showed this wearable works in an exhibition exhibition at Brookfield Place in New York City. Like much of his work, it was a temporary affair.

“Inspired by science, mythology and the ephemeral nature of his chosen medium, each work is at once mysterious, accessible and fun, complementing and responding to its architectural setting. Hackenwerth developed techniques to connect thousands of balloons into rigid, complex forms that when suspended seem to defy gravity and highlight the material’s qualities of translucency, movement and illumination.”

See more of his recent work below.

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