Marina Muun’s Surreal, Dreamlike Illustrations

by Andy SmithPosted on

Marina Muun, an artist living in London, crafts surreal, stylized worlds in her illustrations. In both her personal and editorial work, the artist blends techniques to make dreamlike imagery out of her ideas. The artist was last featured on here.

In a conversation with BALLPITMAG, the artist had this to say on a question of whether her art affects the way she looks at the world: “I think my own art doesn’t change how I see the world – it’s a part of how I see the world – a product of my observations churned and mixed through my own kaleidoscope of thoughts and experiences. It’s usually the art of others that opens up new perspectives to me.”

Muun was raised in Bulgaria, later moving to Cyprus. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, New Yorker, Wired Magazine, the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Buzzfeed, Smithsonian Magazine, Variety Magazine, and several other publications.

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