The ‘Marquees Tropica’ Illustrations of Ardneks

by Andy SmithPosted on

In the series “Marquees Tropica,” illustrator Ardneks crafted works “reflecting different stages” of his personal life, with each completed with a single song on repeat. The result is a set of vibrant, wild works packed with details to decipher. The artist’s practice has included album covers for multiple acts, but this series takes a decidedly intimate slant, as compared to those pieces. The above work, titled “COASTAL JUiCEBOX” was made alongside the tune
“風の回廊(コリドー)” by Tatsuro Yamashita.

“CELESTiAL BROADCAST” (Song: The Jesus and Mary Chain — “Just Like Honey”)

“MOONAGE ODDiTY” (Song: David Bowie — “Space Oddity”)

“STRAWBERRY LETTER” (Song: Jacks — “時計をとめて”)

“SUNFLOWERMiLK ViBRATiONS” (Song: The Beach Boys — “Don’t Worry Baby”)

The artist says the moniker “Ardneks Paraiso Grafica” is an “illustration outlet that heavily hallmarks music while at the same time peels on the playful combination of cross-culture references, highly saturated colors, intergalactic deities, and dreamy tropicália.”

“FUTURE SHORES” (Song: Broadcast — “Illumination”)

“HYPERVENTILATION CHERRY” (Song: Beach House — “Space Song”)

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