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In a new show arriving Nov. 5, Corey Helford Gallery in downtown Los Angeles hosts “Alessandra Maria & Lauren Marx.” The gallery draws a fascinating tie between the works of the two artists: “In the process of creating her own world, [Maria] and [Marx] each share in their use of powerful and traditional iconography to tell a story.” The show runs through Dec. 10.
Homes come in all shapes and sizes, and mean something different to the people who live in them. A home can be a shelter where one feels protected, or it can be used a metaphor for a place where the heart is, as the saying goes. Australian artist Catherine O'Donnell explores the different variety and tone of urban dwellings like homes in her largescale charcoal drawings. Her images are typically drawn in high contrast, with a focus on the interesting visual aspects of places like the public housing estates of her "Notion of Home" series, or the back alleys of Venice, Italy in "Venetian Visions".
Alessandra Maria and Zachari Logan's works offer poetic and detailed portrayals of figures mixed with nature, but in different ways. The two artists will debut their new series in side by side exhibitions tomorrow at Roq la Rue gallery in Seattle. While Logan's distorts the male figure in a sensual way, Maria's enhances the divine qualities of feminine allure. For his latest series, titled "Grotesques", Logan transforms figures based on his own into a landscape of lush flora and fauna. Using a subdued palette, his paintings weave together figures out of petals, branches and animals to the effect of a Medieval tapestry. Though elegant, his hybrid subjects embody the concept of grotesqueness in their disfigurement or "re-wilding", as he calls it.

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