Alessandra Maria, Lauren Marx Featured at Corey Helford Gallery

by Andy SmithPosted on

In a new show arriving Nov. 5, Corey Helford Gallery in downtown Los Angeles hosts “Alessandra Maria & Lauren Marx.” The gallery draws a fascinating tie between the works of the two artists: “In the process of creating her own world, [Maria] and [Marx] each share in their use of powerful and traditional iconography to tell a story.” The show runs through Dec. 10.

St. Louis artist Lauren Marx looks to the flora and fauna of nature and mythology to craft her illustrations. The works in this show, in particular, features nature entangled in itself, moving inside and outside of the bodies of varying organisms. Marx’s vivid style, in its absorbing linework and bold color, creates an engrossing scene at every corner. Marx seems to be fixated on decay in her new works, despite the vibrancy of each piece.

Maria’s mixed-media works carry Renaissance influences, yet glow with illuminating flourishes throughout her pieces. And in Maria’s meticulous layering, centuries-old styles are given new life as figures interact with creatures and plants in the worlds they inhabit. Maria is currently based in New York City. The artist mixes coffee-stained paper, graphite and carbon pencil, black ink, and gold leaf to create these pieces.

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