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German artist Pierre Schmidt, also known as "Drømsjel" (previously covered here), creates mind-bending imagery that combines illustration and collage techniques. His works are partly inspired by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who challenged ideas about individuality and the meaning of our existence. Other influences have included digital artists such as Lauren Albert, Christophe Remy, and Melissa Murillo. In his latest works, Drømsjel challenges Nietzsche's concepts through his manipulation of the form, which drips and doubles beyond recognition.
Berlin-based artist Pierre Schmidt's work floats freely between illustration and collage, traditional and digital. The artist splices vintage photographs of well-groomed ladies and gentlemen that evoke the standards of 20th-century propriety, turning them into bastions of surreal visions. In one piece, a cranium is cut open and in another, a face lifts off the head, implying a sort of out-of-body, psychedelic experience. Schmidt's drawings flow as freely and impulsively as doodles, with lots of frenetic line work reigned in by the geometric organization of each piece. Each piece a veritable mind trip, his work speaks to the day dreamers among us.

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