Reading into Georgia Hill’s Bold, Typographic Murals

by Andy SmithPosted on

Georgia Hill, an artist and illustrator, creates hand-drawn, type-based murals across Australia. Hill employs monochromatic textures and backdrops for grand-scale results. Both Hill’s canvases and ideas run big, with themes revolving around time and a sense of longing. Check out the artist’s Instagram account here.

In an interview with Yen, the artist says, “I really love exploring themes that can be represented in lettering and the heavy textures I use – to me, aspects of repetition show cycles and time, and how things can be fractured or interrupted. I seem to have this almost melancholic idea of time, relationships and reflections, which is really starting to come out in my recent personal works.”

The murals are armed with phrases like “Ever and Ever,” “Never Mine,” and “Never Again.” The short phrase offers a chance for personal interpretation and reflection, even when plastered alongside an enormous urban structure.

Hill’s work also translates to smaller, framed pieces, in which an element of the murals are isolated, instead of duplicated. Yet, even within those pieces, a cacophony of bold decisions and designs makes each unmistakably a Georgia Hill piece. And likewise, these works tend toward monochromaticity.

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