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Ella & Pitr recently painted Europe’s biggest mural, beating their own record set a few years back. The rooftop piece, at 25,000 square meters, has been dubbed the “largest grandmother in the world.” The duo was last featured on here.

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French pair Ella & Pitr once again tackle a topical social issue in their latest major mural. At more than 150 feet high, “Le Naufrage de Bienvenu (The Sinking of Welcome)” tells of a refugee seeking passage between the mountains on either side of Piney’s dam in the Valley of the Gier in Loire. Ella & Pitr were last featured on when they created the world’s largest mural.

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For fifteen years, the first week of September in Norway has been reserved for Nuart festival. This year’s opened on September 3rd with a large group show titled “OutsidersIN”. The show features works by past, present and future Nuart artists, which includes leading names in the urban art movement. Built around the idea of ‘situationism’, DIY-culture and play, Nuart hosted debates, seminars, lectures, movie projections and on-site creation of artwork. Representing different techniques and subjects, this year’s lineup works with both traditional and unconventional mediums like trash, cement, and posters.

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French based artist duo Ella & Pitr, first featured on our Tumblr, create largescale aerial murals of children’s book-inspired characters. Unless you have a birds eye view, it’s difficult to appreciate the scope of the majority of their works, which can be found on rooftops, airplane runways, and even huge grassy fields. Their latest mural is not only their largest, it is also the largest outdoor mural in the world to date at 226,040 square feet.