Artist Duo Ella & Pitr Paint the World’s Largest Outdoor Mural

by CaroPosted on

French based artist duo Ella & Pitr, first featured on our Tumblr, create largescale aerial murals of children’s book-inspired characters. Unless you have a birds eye view, it’s difficult to appreciate the scope of the majority of their works, which can be found on rooftops, airplane runways, and even huge grassy fields. Ella and Pitr met while painting and pasting art in the streets of France, where their collective was born. Their first pieces were drawn on paper with Chinese ink, which were then pasted onto walls, lending to their moniker “les Papiers Peintres” or the Paper Painters. The duo describes their characters as a “strange family”; sunbathing grandmas, a napping winged boy, and children dreaming in their beds are just a few. Their latest mural is not only their largest, it is also the largest outdoor mural in the world to date at 226,040 square feet. Titled “Lilith and Olaf”, the piece illustrates a curled-up woman dropping a tiny (larger than life-sized) red figure, King Olaf I of Norway, where the mural is located. It marks the 15th Anniversary of Stavanger’s Nuart Festival and will be officially ‘opened’ to the public on September 4th, 2015.

All photos ©Ella Pitr and ©Eirik Halvorsen.

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